Digitize telco assets to trigger mainstream adoption and monetization of 5G connectivity

Digitize telco assets to trigger mainstream adoption and monetization of 5G connectivity
Abdullah Muhsin, Senior Content Marketing Officer at Apigate

The Fifth Generation (5G) of telecommunications is upon us, and it promises unprecedented data transfer speeds.

Recently, a leading network operator in the United States, reported 5G data-transfer speeds reaching 1 Gigabit per second! To put this into perspective, this type of speed is equivalent to downloading a 2-hour HD movie in just 20 seconds!

Implementors of 5G - Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) - own a rare and privileged role within an economy. To keep it short and yet provide perspective – the alternative to a telecommunications network provider is – your local post office.  Soon, the alternative to a telecommunications network provider will be - your local bank. MNOs provide the critical communications infrastructure that allows businesses, consumers and governments to seamlessly interact and transact either via voice or high-speed data transfers.  

5G connectivity will drive consumerization of Internet of Things (IoT)

Today, due to highly competitive markets MNOs are under pressure to innovate – and to innovate fast. The 5G opportunity is expected to open up portfolios of digital services that previously did not exist, as end users are able to receive and send data at 1Gbps speeds. This means they will demand higher quality content and spend more time online.

It is a time of “eat or be eaten” for MNOs. Innovation is spurred on by faster internet speeds, startups, disruptors, inventors and these players will continue to churn out newer and better digital services in a bid to penetrate and increase their revenues. 5G will pave the way for large-scale digital vendors to deliver services faster and gather data without having to worry about bandwidth.

Next-generation MNO solutions - integration of digital products and services

As the voice was in the past, and data is in the present - the future promises monetization. To keep up with the times, Mobile Network Operators will be wise to prioritize the monetization of network assets and spend more time and resources to develop sustainable revenue models.

MNOs may continue to acquire disruptive and innovative startups to further their investment portfolios but are struggling to innovate and launch their own proprietary portfolios. MNOs should consider integrating network assets and services upon a common digital platform that allows such properties to interact with each other through trusted API gateways and provide a wholesome and fulfilling experience for customers.   

Connectivity-driven, API-enabled, mobile-first service portfolios will power revenue growth

Some of the first users of 5G data transfers will be users who habitually consume large volumes of data such as watching movies and playing games online. MNOs will need to make available trusted and flexible payment options which will help to attract, retain and grow such users.

Through successful digital transformation, MNOs can convert their network infrastructures into digital assets. Such assets can be used to create integrated platform solutions for MNOs and enterprises to host service suites for data consumers. With 5G speeds, user experiences within such suites can be enhanced to provide seamless user interactions and transactions.

Apigate powers 5G monetization

Apigate is a next-generation MNO solutions provider, and we are primed for the cloud. We specialize in building API-based platforms that will allow MNOs to easily host digital proprietary and third-party services. We also offer a fully-fledged mobile-first internet payment gateway that helps users seamlessly consume digital services via mobile or preferred device.

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