Monetization of Content

Monetization of Content
Abdullah Muhsin , Senior Content Marketing Officer at Apigate

What are the challenges for the video and entertainment industries and how can they benefit from the latest in Fintel? 

State of Affairs 

The entertainment industry faces a challenge in converting users in to paying customers. The current state of affairs is such that mobile payments return a meager 1% conversion. (Yes 1%, it isn’t a typo). 

Only one in five users who land on a payment page follow through to request a one-time password (OTP) to proceed. An astonishing 95% of OTP requesters are unable to fulfill payment due to insufficient account balances. Only a tiny 1% of users successfully complete a payment.  Could this mean that only one in a hundred payment attempts are successful?  

Why is it so low, and how can this number be improved? 

Friction Leads to Abandonment 

Some of the largest barriers to the successful completion of a mobile payment lies in friction between the few stages of purchase.  They are identified as drop outs due to privacy concerns or because the customer does not have sufficient account balance to proceed. Thus the large number of drop-outs. 

The Next Wave of Digital Monetization 

Due to the challenges faced by digital service vendors, the Fintel industry is bringing forth a host of innovative payment solutions to help customers consume services seamlessly, from direct carrier billing, e-wallets to micro loans. 

Target. Reach. Monetize. 

apigateMint is an innovative end to end modern monetization platform that connects digital merchants to the right customer at the right time. Apigate’s comprehensive payment solution features multiple monetization methods, fraud management, accessibility for consumers, identity authentication, real-time credit, and much more. 

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