Things to Do in Nice During TM Forum

Things to Do in Nice During TM Forum
Liara Ibrahim, Marketing Manager

Bonjour et bienvenue à Nice. 

It’s a sunny (hopefully!) spring day and you’ve got a schedule packed with meetings. How do you experience the best of the south of France and still impress the CIOs and CTOs at TM Forum in just 3 days ? Well, the Apigate team at TM can help you with the second part but I’m here to give you some pointers on what to do about the first.

Source: Wikimedia

1.       Promenade des Anglais

This beach side walk is ranked first on almost every list I researched and this one is no exception. Probably the most recognizable landmark in the French Riviera, Promenade des Anglais stretches for 7km and is an integral part of Nice life. Don’t forget to pack comfortable shoes.

Source: Wikimedia

2.      Cours Saleya Market

In the heart of Nice’s old quarter is picturesque flower and fresh produce market that’s brimming with history and ambiance. Head there in the morning to take advantage of the free samples from the food stalls that close at noon and grab a socca (local chickpea flatbread) while you fill your Insta with brightly coloured bouquets.

Source: Cave Bianchi

3.      Cave Bianchi 1860

Oenophiles rejoice! This 150-year-old family run wine shop in the Old Town is stocked with high quality wines from Provence and hosts daily sommelier-led tastings in their wine cellar. Make sure you buy a bottle or two to remember Nice by.

Source: Wikimedia

4.      Basilique-Cathedrale Sainte-Marie et Sainte-Reparate de Nice

…or Nice Cathedral! Built in the 17th century, the seat of the Diocese of Nice is pretty, if unassuming, from the outside but the inside is a revelation with 10 lavishly designed baroque chapels filled with ornate sculptures and paintings.

Source: Flickr

5.      Fenocchio maître glacier

There’s no shortage of ice cream in Nice but Fenocchio is the undisputed granddaddy of ice cream parlours. Their website lists a staggering collection of 94 flavours, 59 ices-cream and 35 sorbets ranging from classics like vanilla to ones I can’t even fathom like cactus.

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